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Create a comparison chart comparing all of the well know (and not so well known) malware/AV suites that are available from the security market now.

It would give me much more connfidence in your relatively new software and make me more likely to at least give the program a trial. There are so many security packages around now I want to know what you offer in comparison to other packages and be able to justify why you thin yours is better or at least as good. Thank you.

Whiterabbit-uk , 24.08.2011, 08:08
Idea status: completed


Vitaliy, 24.08.2011, 11:44
Agnitum, 24.08.2011, 13:15
We also think that http://www.agnitum.com/lp/why-agnitum-outpost-7-5.php link will solve your question.
Whiterabbit-uk, 24.08.2011, 21:40
Thanks :)

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